Better docs, more knowledge, faster outcomes

The enterprise knowledge backbone that drives your business

Docs + Wiki + Data

Knowledge flows when you connect people, docs and data, Documize changes the way documents are composed and discovered. One place for internal and external knowledge.

Document Nightmare

Refactor content into reusable blocks to boost document production

Embed and auto-sync cloud data so co-workers know what you know

Meta data for documents makes it easier to find what you need

Continous content updates from co-workers who'd be happy to suggest

Follow the path to knowledge with suggestions by man and machine

It's easy to generate knowledge when you're guided from start to finish

The way documents should be managed

Documize SaaS Cloud

Cloud Enabled

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Documize On-Premise


Documize enterprise edition can also deploy in your data center, behind your firewall

Documize Open-Source

Open Source

Documize community edition is open source - Linux, Windows and OSX (Ember.js & Go)

Partner Friendly

Partner Friendly

We're always adding integrations with cloud tools - integrate your product or service

Dev Friendly

Developer Friendly

Build custom integrations to pull data from your own systems, internal or external

Documize Dual Licensing

Dual Licensing

Community edition licensed under AGPL v3, Enterprise edition with commercial license

We're on a mission to unify document creation and knowledge discovery

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