The enterprise-wide knowledge backbone

Documize provides an Integrated Document Environment that documents your business,
— designed for use in everyday team and project scenarios, complete with customer viewing & feedback

  • Intelligent spaces

    Organized, controlled information access

  • Document templates

    Custom team, project templates catalog

  • Roles and responsibilites

    Sharing, feedback, responsibilities

  • Cloud data sync

    Connect, embed, sync cloud data

  • Project notebook

    One-stop unified view of content + data

  • Document tagging

    Simplified tagging and searching

  • Wiki linking

    Cross-link related content, data and files

  • Revision control

    Revision control tracking with rollback

  • Pinning

    Pin, monitor, quick-jump to key materials

It's the batteries-included approach providing document editing, content collaboration and Word import
— everything you need to tame the ever-growing document mountain



Instant enterprise edition sign-up with our cloud service —
free during preview launch

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Enterprise edition deploys behind your firewall clustered or otherwise —
20MB executable for Linux, Windows, macOS


Open core

Community edition is an open source, modern, hackable stack —
Go + EmberJS + MySQL|Percona