The Integrated Document Environment

Documize creates the Enterprise Knowledge Backbone by unifying docs, wiki, reporting and dashboards —
composition + coordination + discovery + distribution + workflows = faster business outcomes

Project Managers
Automate contribution, review, feedback cycles for self-managing document hubs
Team Leaders
Stay agile with docs blending Trello, GitHub, Markdown, WYSIWYG, code snippets
Project Consultants
Deliver winning proposals quicker with approved reusable templates, content blocks
Technical Writers
Reduce publication cycles with unified authoring and distribution

Documize takes a batteries-included approach towards documents and documentation process
— Word import, open extensions framework, AD/LDAP authentication



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Community & Enterprise editions deploy behind your firewall on any OS —
20MB executable for Linux, Windows, macOS


Open Core

Community edition is an open source, modern, hackable tech stack, no lock-in —
Go + EmberJS + MySQL|Percona


Documize is different by design

Enterprise Edition available on our cloud platform or self-host

Community Edition open source and free forever, unlimited users

Open community-driven add-ons, no marketplace fees

Zero lock-in, switch between Community and Enterprise editions