Folder Fatigue

Folder Fatigue

The problem with folders is simple: there is no end to them.

It’s cheap/simple/free to create a new folder, so everyone creates them. All the time.

Don’t like the folder name? Change it and let others figure out what it’s called now.

Want to get more granular? No problem, create as many sub-folders as you like.

Just don’t expect people to thank you for the dozen clicks needed to expand all those folders till they can look inside.

A folder never complains “Hey, you can’t put that here!” – it’ll happily accept anything and everthing. The ultimate dumping ground with no price to pay on admission. You’ll pay when you want to find that document before that big meeting.

You get compete control to move things around – just don’t expect people to know where “Proposal v2.1-FINAL” document has just been relocated to.

Documents don’t communicate and neither do folders. We’re at the mercy of our co-workers’ communication skills to tell us what we need to know.

Folders are like factions – there’s always someone ready spring up from nowhere. So does that proposal document belong in the Marketing folder or the Proposals folder? Heck, let’s put it in both.

You’re out of luck if you want organize what goes where. Because nobody remembers your folder organization scheme, especially when all we want to do is go home on time for once.

Did you hear about the company where everyone can find anything because everyone is super-discplined? No? Neither did we.

We thought search would save us from the folder nightmare – boy were we wrong.