Documents Should Self-drive Process

Documents Should Self-drive Process

All too common problem

The crux of the problem Documize sets out to solve, is the problem of workflow and processes being outside of documents.

Documents today are dumb holders of content. Content that helps us close deals, define marketing plans, share know-how and guide newcomers to our company.

Such content is the lifeblood of every business especially a scaling, growing business that’s moving fast. These businesses look to reduce red tape and increase decision-making, whilst on-boarding new customers, projects and employees. Faster outcomes is what they seek.

And yet many processes handled by knowledge workers (sales, marketing, human resources, legal, technology). Meetings to discuss content inside documents. Conference calls that rope in a dozen different people. We’ve all been on part of calls and meetings wondering why we are even bothering – clock-watching and disengagement to put it politely.

The problem is actually getting worse when you consider how discussions and decisions are made inside centralized messaging applications like Slack. Such outcomes get disconnected from the where they should, namely inside documents.

Documents today require people effort to push them to completion.

Simple yet powerful solution

The solution to the problem is to put process inside documents that leverage automation to reduce calls, meeting, chat messages and email chains.

Assign and track actions to people from within the document that you want them to work on.

Delegate contributions from within documents with deadlines and let the document do the chasing and escalating.

Ask for reviews and faciliate approvals from within the document that needs oversight.

Assign standard checklist procedures to documents to regulate publication.

Organize, suggest and track usage of standard templates and reusable content blocks.

Automatically check and report issues with content readibility, grammer and other improvements.

Detect and highlight content duplication and similarities across the entire business document base.

Dashboards that detail up-coming deliverables and highlight slipping document related tasks.

There is so much we can automate if we introduce project management best practices into the world of handling documents. Documize is the Intelligent Document Environment for knowledge workers everywhere desperately seeking to boost productivity.