The Documize Update Process

The Documize Update Process

Documize is available as both cloud and self-host options – and that brings it’s own challenges from a release and installation perspective.

For the self-host option, the following represents the process for applying the latest product release on your server:

  1. Download the correct binary for your OS (Windows, Linux, macOS).

  2. Stop your existing Documize instance.

  3. Replace your existing binary with the newly downloaded binary.

  4. Start Documize again.

That’s it.

Documize will self-migrate the SQL database with any schema changes introduced in the new release.

Some points of interest:

  1. You don’t need to upgrade in sequence so feel free to jump from v1.60.0 to v1.65.0 (for example).

  2. The process works in a clustered, multi-machine environments as well as single machine deployments – the migration process automatically elects a leader to perform the database upgrade process.

  3. The Documize cloud/SaaS offering uses the same binary that you install on your servers so we dog-food the process each time there is a new release.

  4. We release updates frequently, usually twice a month. Documize adminstrators automatically receive an in-app notification about the latest product update. You will presented with a change summary for the new update.

  5. Post-upgrade, regular Documize users receive a “What’s New” message providing a friendly introduction to any changes and new features.

The upgrade process usually only takes a few minutes from start to finish.

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