Free Confluence Alternative

Open Source Core

The core Documize framework is open sourced and available for review and contributions — go to GitHub.

Free Add-ons & Extensions

Because of our open source code, all add-ons, integrations and extensions are totally free and anyone can contribute. Unlike Attlassian Confluence, there are no marketplace fees charging for key functionality. We don't belive in holding external data hostage!

All About Documentation

Documize, as the name implies, is about handling the content and know-how that drives your business. User experience, features and functions are all aligned to help people discover and develop content.

Fast & Lightweight

Being completely focused on documents and the documentation process, Documize is fast, friendly and easy to work with. Our technology stack is Golang server-side and EmberJS client-side. Documize ships as a single executable file with zero runtime dependencies.

Scroll Versions Included

Our batteries included approach means you don't have to pay for Confluence and Scroll Versions. Documize provides the means to baseline and create multiple versions out-of-the-box. Need to embed documentation? With Documize you can export to a single self-contained HTML file (even programmatically via our API).

Editing Your Way

Compose content using Markdown, WYSIWYG, Code, Tabular or any kind of editor you like, thanks to the flexible and pluggable architecture.

High Fidelity Microsoft Word Import

Upload and convert existing Word format documents in a single click. Then standardize all formats under Documize for a professional look and feel.

Multi-tenanted & High Availability Out-of-the-box

Documize allows you to ring-fence different teams/departments/divisions into separately managed tenants — all within the same installed instance and back-end database. Our Data Center package is activated via a simple license key change.