Documize behind your firewall — Windows, Linux, macOS

1. Download the binary
works with MySQL, Percona, MariaDB
2. Get the license
and follow the install guide

Paste this license key into your Documize instance (Settings → Global)

Frequently asked questions

What is the latest release?

vv1.50.0 is the latest Documize release.

How do you install Documize?

Just follow the installation instructions.

What are the server requirements?

You can install Documize on Windows, Linux or MacOS servers. Disk space and memory requirements depend on workload. Supported database types: MySQL (v5.7.10+), Percona (v5.7.16-10+), MariaDB (10.3.0+).

What are the deployment requirements?

Documize ships as a single binary that is the HTTP/2 web server, front-end and back-end. It's about a 20MB file that has ZERO runtime dependencies. No Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby runtime needed — a DevOps dream.

Can you demo Documize to my team?

Get in touch and schedule your product demo with a comprehensive Q&A.

Do you provide migration assistance?

We can and do assist customers with data migration from SharePoint and Confluence.

Does your software 'call home' or otherwise track in-app activity?


Where can I find and review your Privacy, Terms and Security policy?

Please see the links in the footer that is located at the bottom of every page.

Where are you based?

We are headquartered out of San Francisco and have a presence in the UK.

Can I talk to someone?

Of course, just get in touch and schedule a phone call.