Our Story & Mission

About Us

We are software developers that are versed in building and deploying software at scale in an ever-changing landscape. Our tooling, processes, frameworks, platforms come and go like no other field. Dynamic. Fast. Crazy.

With the awesome tooling and practices we enjoy in software development, we’d always shy away from handling documentation. Manual processes, meetings, intranets, extranets, wikis, approvals, email chains – these things got in the way of what we were actually paid to do. We simply saw documents and associated process as a huge time sink to be avoided like the plague.

So we set about to build something different – self-managing documents where process is neatly automated inside every document. We want something that’s efficient, clean, simple and generic enough for every type of document.

We’re turning the whole game on it’s head by replacing random manual process with a platform for bringing discpline to the world of documents.

The Mission

Our goal is to build an Intelligent Document Environment (IDE) that powers the composition of self-managing documents.

We’re bringing proven software development concepts and practices to the world of documents – refactoring, importing, testing, linting, metrics, versioning, templating, forking, reviewing, approving, deploying, merging++

The mission is driven by four core beliefs that shape our product and business:

  1. Documents drive process
  2. Pricing anchored with business needs
  3. Integrations without walled gardens
  4. Open source core, enterprise ready

Content first, process second

Documents should chase us for contributions, escalate when deadlines slip and enforce standards.

When we bring the collaboration inside documents, then we render meetings, calls and chaser emails obsolete.

Never again shall we email document links or send as attachments.

Because living documents form the lifeblood of every business.

See how Documize powers self-managing documents

Pricing without the per seat ratchet

Pricing should be driven by actual customer business growth and not employee headcount.

SaaS companies moved software to the cloud yet kept the old pricing model of charging by user seats. It’s an antiquated practice from the client/server licensing model of the ‘80s.

Whilst most products in our space charge by user, we believe businesses should seek to pay for product capabilities that provide true value.

Documize pricing is driven by feature-based packages aligned to businesses of varying sizes and needs.

Read how Documize scales as your business scales

Integrations matter

Because we don’t believe in walled gardens, anyone should be able build and share data integrations that bring external data into Documize.

No marketplaces or paid-for essentials designed to extract extra dollars for data integrations. It’s your data, so who are we to charge you to see it within Documize?

Anyone can fork our open source core codebase and submit a pull request for a shiny new data integration. We’ll ship it to every Documuze user automatically with the next product release without fuss.

Poke around Documize Community Edition code on GitHub

Open source core

Documize should be more than financial contributions from customers.

We encourage customers to contribute code to the Documize core platform via GitHub.

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